As a customer oriented organization, Seacret aims to provide our loyal customers, and those that are soon to be loyal customers, the best of service. If you’re looking for an answer, the following list may just have it.


Seacret products are available online. However, we do not ship to all countries. A messege will notifying you of shipping unavailability will appear at the top of our website’s pages.

Depends on the Kit. Some Kits contain products that are also sold separately. However, some products can be bought only in kits.

A general list of our ingredients can be found here or under the KEY INGREDIENTS tab on each product page.

Instructions for using and applying products can be found under the HOW TO USE tab on each product page.

While we encourage customers to let us know what they think of our products, we reserve the right to not publish User Content from time to time at our sole discretion.

All sales points other than our website (Stores, Kiosks or carts) are operated by Independent Resellers. As such, any warranties, guarantees, refunds, returns, exchanges etc. are strictly between the Independent Reseller and the Customer. For location information please contact our Customer Service for further assistance:

Instructions for using and applying products can be found under the HOW TO USE tab on each product page. For any other information, please contact our Customer Service for further assistance:

We offer a select few of our products in several sizes. Most, however, come in a single size varient

No, unfortunately we don’t sell wholesale. Our products are only sold individually.

Frequently Bought Together product recommendations are available in product pages on our website.

Shipping rates and handling time vary by location. For more details go to our Shipping Information page.

The Dead Sea is known for its healing properties for various skin conditions. Each Seacret product contains Dead Sea minerals, however the products themselves have not been clinically tested for efficacy in treating skin disorders.

We recommend storing Seacret products in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Yes, all Seacret products are hypoallergenic tested and approved.

Each product comes with a detailed description, and information about its suitability for various skin types.

Because our products are popular around the world, there has been a flurry of “fake” shops and vendors posing as SEACRET. These bogus sellers purchase SEACRET products that have either expired or have been discontinued and sell them to unsuspecting customers. Sadly, other than lodging formal complaints with these stores, there is not much we can do about this happening.

To ensure that you receive only the top quality SEACRET products you are accustomed to and we pride ourselves in, only buy from us directly from our online store, or from one of our official vendors located countrywide.